>Seventeen ain’t so sweet

October 3, 2009 § Leave a comment


So I turned 17 last March 2 and I’m pretty much happy. Not because I’m getting older [eeek! ><] but because I’m closer to being an adult [FINALLY!]. I thought to myself the benefits I could get for being an almost-adult. And i’m liking it. YAY. But. Yes. There’s always a BUT. Anyway, my parents keep treating me as if I’m 9 years old. WTF?! It annoys me a lot. Why the hell do they need to treat me like a child when in fact i am an adult! Well, almost. I can think for myself. I can decide for myself. It really pisses me off. But WTF. They are my parents. Guess I don’t really have a choice here, do I? Thanks to them my life is a fvcking living hell. But hey don’t get me wrong, I still love ’em though. And got tons of respect for them. Confusing. I know right?

That’s why seventeen ain’t so sweet.. At all!


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