>Chibby the 2mo. old Mini Pinscher ♥

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So I got a dog last April 4, 2010. A Miniature Pinscher. God those things are hyper. Haha. But it’s all good, I love her with all my heart. I go gigil over her everytime I see her ♥ ♥

Here’s a video of her being her normal hyper self:

>The Super Outing

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Me and my friends decided to have a little fun under the sun. We rented a private resort at Pansol, Laguna last March 30, 2010. It was supposed to be a night of fun and being wasted. But the tables turned and a lot of us were pissed. There were a lot of awkward situations that night. And I mean A LOT. But I won’t lie, we enjoyed too. I guess it’s just how you react to the situation.

We rented the resort for 24 hours (7pm-7pm). And it costs about 12k. It wasn’t the best resort Pansol had to offer, but we’re running a little low on cash so we took the offer. Other private resorts were around 14k-22k. We were lucky enough to book a resort that costs only that much. So we were pretty much psyched.

We were about 30+ people. I forgot the exact count. We had 3 vans and a car convoy. One of my friends offered to take charge of the food so we had no problem with the food and drinks. We left Las Piñas at around 5pm. But thanks to the usual traffic jam in Metro Manila, we arrived at the resort past 7pm. One of our vans even got lost and they arrived at about 8pm. From there on, one by one, people were getting pissed.

The resort was OKAY. Nothing fancy and all, it was do-able. The pool was a bit small though but it was fine with us. The resort had three bedrooms. It was bad enough that all 30+ of us had to share only three rooms, but nooo, one of the room’s air conditioner had to be broken. We were all like WTF!? But we won’t let that ruin our night so we started to unpack our things, then change our clothes. Some of my friends switched on the karaoke and started singing. Some played billiards, some cooked our food, and the others started jumping in the pool. We had fun naman. But we didn’t go all out. ‘Cause some were pissed nga. To relieve the tension, after we ate, we immediately started drinking. And we drank until we were wasted. Haha. After we drank we launched straight into the pool. I and one of my friend decided to stay on the pool until the sun came out because the rooms were all full, we had nowhere to sleep. Can you just imagine our misfortune?

Anyhow, morning came one by one, everyone started waking up. we had a lot more time in our hands before we bail. So me and my friends ended up playing pool/billiards. And we were like, how the hell do you play this game?! Hahahahaha. 😀

After we played pool we rested for a while then my friends went back to the pool again. I didn’t join them because I was so tired from last night, I had no sleep, and I was drunk. So I decided to sleep in. I woke up at 1pm to eat. After eating we really didn’t have much to do so we ended up cam-whoring. Then I made my friend model for me. Haha! I was her photographer. And in fairness, we had fun and laughed our hearts out with the results. I kind of liked the pictures I shot though. 🙂

Here are some samples of my shots:

HAHAHAHAHA. CRAZINESS. Sooooo, anyhow, we managed to enjoy the outing. This is one adventure we surely WANT to forget, but WON’T. HAHA ;p Sooo, Imma hit the sack na. I got bored of writing this. Lewl Goodnight world! 🙂

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