>Mainstream Music: Art for Art’s Sake

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 The reason that radio music is so popular is because of the radio. People have radios everywhere. Whether it is in the car, at work or in their home. Top 100 radio stations are paid to play what people want to hear and that is most likely the songs you will find annoying and repetitive. When you listen to one of those stations you cannot go 2 hours without hearing the same song over again. People request what they want to hear and the radio plays it. It’s catchy and supposedly good music but some will disagree. The music is recorded, put into a machine to smooth it out and then sent out to the radio stations nationwide. Nothing is real anymore. The Beatles (along with other bands/musicians) were the pioneers of making music without all the finishing equipment. They wanted to make real music so they recorded their music in a natural fashion, just The Fab Four and their instruments. That went on to be some of the greatest and most influential music ever written and you can attribute that to their promise to make real music. The real musicians are out there, you just have to look harder to find them. –Joseph Toeben

        What I suppose most people forget about mainstream music is that the performer does not write it. Professional songwriters are behind them doing their job. In today’s society music is controlled not by what people want to hear, not by the bands making music but by a group of around a hundred so called music executives, who release what will sell. They aim music like Pop Idol, and that kind of crap to a demographic who has no other choice than to think that this is both music and what life can be like. And frankly I am sick of it. MTV is as guilty as the rest in the recent years. They need to remember what made them popular was their attitude that they were going to be different and now they are the mould. It really sickens me. There is another kind of music, however, that is less known and not as many people listen to, underground music. Underground music, is music that isn’t played on the radio or television. There’s a multitude of music within the underground that survives on it’s own merit, and not the merit of marketing.

        As far as the “underground” goes, there is crap that is just as tainted as the crap in the main-crap-stream, but the percentage is lower. Music is so fragmented nowMake music the end again not just the means for money making. But if you really like music and you really want to listen to good music then you have to go out and find it, rather than take just what’s handed to you.

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