What’s In My Handbag/Purse?

December 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

          For the sake of making through the 30 day blog challenge, I reveal to you the contents of my handbag on an ordinary day:
Sorry for the low res photo. Camera phone quality!

  1. A notebook.
  2. Make-up kit/dental kit. Where I store my few make-up, toothbrush, floss, paste, etc.
  3. Phone charger.
  4. Small bottle of alcohol.
  5. Big-ass loose powder! Lol
  6. Pens.
  7. United Colors of Benetton perfume.
  8. Well, I honestly don’t know what #8 is. -____-
  9. Car keys.
  10. Mentos or any other kind of candy.
  11. A bag organizer.
  12. Lighters.
  13. Marlboro cigarettes.
  14. Louis Vuitton wallet.
          How about you? What’s inside your bag? =)
So…tomorrow the challenge continues!


Worst Habit/s

December 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Interesting topic. I have a list of bad habits (which I am not proud of):
  • I have road rage. I get all road rage-y in traffic. It doesn’t take much to get me enraged when driving. People cutting me off, people not using their blinkers, people using their blinkers too much, people driving annoyingly blue-colored cars. When someone cuts me off when I’m on foot, I feel annoyed and violated. But lol even when I’m not driving, I still have road rage. Like, when I’m in the passenger seat or at the back, I become the Hulk when someone cuts me off.
  • I procrastinate a lot. I’m a great procrastinator. I have this bad habit of delaying tasks and then cram whenever the deadline is near. Regardless of the length of a homework assignment, I will wait until 1am the day before it’s due to start working on it. Laziness always gets in my way.
  • I cuss It’s not necessary to cuss, but it slips out from time to time with me. I’m sure just about everybody does sometimes.
  • I am judgmentalI tend to make snap judgments in my head without having all the facts first. I thought that reacting this way kept me safe from the outside world. Not proud.
  • I over-analyze. I tend to overanalyze stuff which makes me worry a lot. And I do worry a whole loooot.
  • I smoke. Yeah, I know smoking is a stupid habit. I guess, back then, peer pressure got to me. And now, I’m “in the process” of getting rid of this habit.

          But, even though some of these things are bad…well, all of them are, I think the worst thing that I do sometimes, is let the sun set on my anger. This is something, as well as the others, that I will strive for the remainder of my life, to stop until I achieve it.

So…tomorrow the challenge continues!


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