Dream House

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          I grew up in the city so I have this fantasy that one day, I will be living in a suburban house with a white picket fence. Aaah the American dream! Minor flaw: I’m not American. Haha! And I recently realized that I’m more of an urban loft-ish kind of person. Open and airy. Killer city view. Minimal and modern furnishings. Neutral and chic colors. Oh, and clever design elements. Ahhhh!
       There’s this warehouse in Spain, which was converted into a loft by two architects. This had me drooling ever since I first read about it. The warehouse was originally used as stables, then as a bomb shelter, and followed by its most recent incarnation as a print shop, this expansive warehouse space located in Barcelona, Spain, has withstood the test of time and numerous transformations. Now the designers Benito Escat and Alberto Rovira have given the space yet another purpose by recreating it into a handsome urban loft that is everything modern and hip. AND AHHH! I FELL IN LOVE!
          The 8,600-square-foot space has an open layout with beautiful exposed-brick walls, high ceilings, and poured concrete floors.
          With two floors, the main level features the living area, which is outfitted with an extra long sofa, leather-upholstered wooden armchairs, and a sleek low cocktail table. Just behind the living area, a colorful floral glass chandelier hangs over a stainless-steel dining table while an edgy light fixture is suspended over a steel island in the kitchen where a wall of lacquer cabinets has been installed. A corner on the main floor functions as the library/office and contains stacks of books, art, vintage globes, and a towering grandfather clock.
          Contrastingly, the lower level of the loft resembles a city apartment and houses the light-filled master bedroom and bath. The walls are painted stark white and the floors are of polished wood. A luxuriously upholstered bed is placed in front of a wall of shelves that serve as an open closet, and a freestanding bathtub along with a mirror-walled shower closet with sleek shower fittings.
         Another warehouse converted into my dream loft is located in the South Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. The striking Oriental Warehouse Loft by Edmonds + Lee Architects. This home’s design is a renovation of an existing apartment loft. To maximize the space inside the residence, the designers chose to abandon the general rules of maintaining privacy with regard to windows and transparency. Instead, the home opens up to nature with large expanses of glass to blend the inside and outside world.

Inside the rusted timber and brick structural shell, you will find a contemporary interior design with modern furniture, fixtures and finishes. There is also millwork detailing and the insertion of a steel cantilever stair that connects the ground floor living areas with the private sleeping quarters upstairs. The home is definitely a great rehabilitation project and the results are amazing!

So there you have it. Those are my dream houses…………errr…………..lofts. I know, I know, a bit unrealistic. But it is, after all, a DREAM house, yes?

So…tomorrow the challenge continues!




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Oh boy! This is a useless post. Hahahaha
I’m not OCD about anything. I know it sounds bad but I’m a slack, I’m careless, I’m negligent and I’m a hoarder! Haha I can’t have anything organized. I go into panic if anything is. I can’t find things when they’re organized. I’m really scatter-brained but it works out really well for me. I swear.
My desktop and my workplace kinda looks like this………..close. Haha see see see seeeeeee
So…..tomorrow the challenge continues!


20 Of My Favorite Things

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1. My HP Mini – I love this because it’s very much convenient! I can bring it anywhere. It makes blogging easier. And it fulfills my need to constantly be connected with friends.

2. My DSLR – A photographer’s best friend.

3. My Manual SLR – I’ve grown accustomed to my manual SLR and developing its films because of our Black & White Photography class last term. Ahhhh! I fell in love!

4. My Smartphones & Other Gadgets –  What can I say? I’m a gadget geek.

5. Milk Tea – I simply must have milk tea at least once a week. Mehehe

6. My (Varsity) Letterman Jacket – Handy dandy!

7. My Credit Card – For emergencies and MUST-HAVES. Lol! Every girl’s best friend.

8. Wedges – I can’t get enough of them!

9. Alcohol -The neat freak in me has to have at least one big bottle of this at home.

10. Handy Sanitizer – The neat freak in me also has to have at least one of these cute sanitizers dangling from my purse.

11. Healing Ointment – Because my skin easily gets irritated.

12. Comfy Flats – For long walks.

13. Alarm Clock – Tatsie’s little helper. No matter what I do, I can’t wake up early on my own.

14. Coffee – To jump start my mornings!

15. My Uber Cute Hello Kitty Mug – Just because.

16. Tums – For the occasional indigestion and heartburn.

17. Clamp Lamp – For the nights I spend reading books and reading books and reading books and blogging. Hehe

18. Glade Scented Gel – Because I hate stinky rooms. Lol

19. Chocolate Milk – Ahhh! Good ‘ole Swiss Miss.

20. Globe MyFi – This is really handy. WiFi in your pocket!

          I could seriously go on and on and on and on and on and on and on but the challenge said 20 not 2000. So I’m going to stop there. I guess I’m pretty lucky to have so many things in my life that make me happy. Hehe
So…..tomorrow the challenge continues!


30-Day Blog Challenge ACCEPTED!

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       This blog is not dead yet…..NO! I should say I’m pretty much here but I have not taken much time and effort to blog after class started again. Ahhhh! I forgot how good it feels to sit down and just write.

        “Do something regularly over a period of 30 days and you will create a habit”.
That being said, I decided that it’s time to kick start my blogging again! I challenged myself to write a blog post every day for the next 30 days. But I couldn’t wait to start on the first of the month! So today I’m starting this 30-day blog challenge I picked up from My Maria. I thought it would be fun and would spice up my blog a little! =)

A Photo That Makes Me Happy

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        This is my mini pin, Chibby. I’ve had her for 2 years now. She’s really active! Really really makulit! This is my favorite photo of her. When I look at this, I go “Awwwwww you cute bastard!”. Haha! She always gets her way with me, with her uber cute puppy eyes. When she begs for another treat, I find myself always giving in to that ball of cuteness. She makes me go gigiiiiiiiiil over her! When I’m sick, she cuddles with me. When I’m lonely, she plays with me. She’s my stress reliever. I can’t imagine life without her! I love her to bits!

So…..tomorrow the challenge continues!

Every Relationship Has A Fine Line

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 Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same. – Flavia Weedn

Human nature cannot be predicted. We all think that we know somebody. That means that we believe that we know how a friend or family member would react to a situation. Do we really?

Even though it is fantastic to have friends, some friendships just do not last forever. When friends change or when friendships change, it can be difficult. You’d like to think that all of your best friends will always be there for you, but sometimes friends change. This might be a change for the better, and it can work great with your friendship. But, it might not be such a positive change, and if that is the case, your friendship might have to end.

Change is a natural part of growth. When people grow, they change. As people get older, they have different ideas. Sometimes, people change as they learn more things about the world. This is a natural part of growing up. If you can hang on to your friends as you all change, you’ll find that your relationships will get stronger.Although everyone changes, sometimes a friend changes in a different way. You might have a friend, or even a group of friends, that go in a totally different direction from where you are going. This might make you feel left behind. It might be that your friend is suddenly into things that you don’t care about, or is hanging out with people that you really don’t want to be friends with. Most of the time, friends don’t do this in order to hurt you. It is simply a matter of growing up – changing feelings and beliefs, as well as attitudes and interests. But, of course, it still hurts to feel left behind. Some friends are only meant to be in your life for a single reason, or a single part of time. When these friends have served their purpose (or you have served your purpose for them), you’ll both move on to new friends. Everyone is put into your life for a reason.

Changing friends is part of life – and a necessary one – because as certain friendships grow apart you’ll learn the things about yourself and the kinds of friendships that you want to have. You’ll think more about what you want to look for in a friend and you’ll learn about things that you want to avoid having in a friend. Changing friends is part of life. It is a part of life from which you can learn a great deal if you take the time to reflect on what is happening and why – as well as what you can do to make the situation turn out as positive as possible. Keep a bright outlook and you will do well.

My personality and views on life have changed immensely over the few years I’ve been away(I moved from Zamboanga to Manila 3 years ago, for security reasons), so I am guilty of this as well. I didn’t even know a person can change that quickly. I haven’t seen my friends in a long time. I am making a huge effort in keeping in touch with all my friends I left back home. Some are responding, and some…eh not so much. It broke my heart, but I learned to accept the fact that people change. Change IS a part of life. And when you learn to accept and move on without  holding a grudge, life will be much easier. No, I am not hallucinating nor have I lost it. I’ve  just been coming to terms with life and people around me. I realized that with every relationship there is a fine line, some more visible than others. And no one is really ours……are they?


>Mainstream Music: Art for Art’s Sake

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 The reason that radio music is so popular is because of the radio. People have radios everywhere. Whether it is in the car, at work or in their home. Top 100 radio stations are paid to play what people want to hear and that is most likely the songs you will find annoying and repetitive. When you listen to one of those stations you cannot go 2 hours without hearing the same song over again. People request what they want to hear and the radio plays it. It’s catchy and supposedly good music but some will disagree. The music is recorded, put into a machine to smooth it out and then sent out to the radio stations nationwide. Nothing is real anymore. The Beatles (along with other bands/musicians) were the pioneers of making music without all the finishing equipment. They wanted to make real music so they recorded their music in a natural fashion, just The Fab Four and their instruments. That went on to be some of the greatest and most influential music ever written and you can attribute that to their promise to make real music. The real musicians are out there, you just have to look harder to find them. –Joseph Toeben

        What I suppose most people forget about mainstream music is that the performer does not write it. Professional songwriters are behind them doing their job. In today’s society music is controlled not by what people want to hear, not by the bands making music but by a group of around a hundred so called music executives, who release what will sell. They aim music like Pop Idol, and that kind of crap to a demographic who has no other choice than to think that this is both music and what life can be like. And frankly I am sick of it. MTV is as guilty as the rest in the recent years. They need to remember what made them popular was their attitude that they were going to be different and now they are the mould. It really sickens me. There is another kind of music, however, that is less known and not as many people listen to, underground music. Underground music, is music that isn’t played on the radio or television. There’s a multitude of music within the underground that survives on it’s own merit, and not the merit of marketing.

        As far as the “underground” goes, there is crap that is just as tainted as the crap in the main-crap-stream, but the percentage is lower. Music is so fragmented nowMake music the end again not just the means for money making. But if you really like music and you really want to listen to good music then you have to go out and find it, rather than take just what’s handed to you.